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Blvck Paris

The project is led by Blvck Paris, global lifestyle fashion brand founded in 2017 by French designer, Julian O’hayon.

Family Jam 🍼

Family values driven Community with Utility NFT. 2,500 Uniquely hand drawn NFT collection.Website Coming soon

Uncommon Bears Club

A collection of 5000 NFTs that gives our community access to passive income and an exclusive investment fund.

Japanese Born Ape Society

JBAS is a collection of 10,000 Japanese Ape NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain, inspired by our fellow Bored Apes.


4,444 Squishy 3D AstroMallows coming April, 2022 on ethereum | For collabs, WL, and other contact please DM @mallowsastro

Gold Collector

4999 NFTs based on a series of conspiracy novels of the same name! #道若秘 producing things is not as good as collecting them 物之所生,不若所聚


Own your property as an NFT, showcase your NFT collection in your house and invite your friends over to watch TV and listen to music together.

Piccolo Space Club

PSC is a collection of 8,888 hand-crafted and randomly generated 3D NFT’s with unique traits living in the ETH-Blockchain .

Dragons Of Midgard

5555 Unique Dragons living and evolving on the Ethereum Blockchain. Dragons Of Midgard is ready to disrupt the NFT market.


Mongomons is a collection of exceptionally detailed creatures. Their origin is so secret, that even Mongomons forgot where they come from. 

Metagen 🧬

Style, luxury, and streetwear meets Metaverse. Metagen is a collection of 9999 dynamic NFTs. Update your look, upgrade your rarity.

Naive Nekos👼👹

Naive Nekos collection is a of 2,000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Nekos have over 150 hand drawn traits. 

Cosmic Cats

Cosmic Cats are a unique colorful collection of 8,888 energetic cats cruising through space on the $ETH blockchain!

Baked Apes NFT Dispensary

Baked Apes NFT Dispensary is a collection of 7,777 unique, algorithmically generated Apes, uniting weed fanatics globally! Over $300,000 in gifts. 


A community driven project of 8888 Zombie NFTs.In additional to being a pfp project, Zom is creating an IRL brand with a presence in both web2 and web3.

Yakuza daddy

3223 Yakuza Inc NFT’s residing in the Yakuzaverse. A global community of anime lovers has come together to reimagine what it means to be a DAO.


Dreamy girls is a NFT collection with 4,444 NFTs, made with purpose and heart.We want the dream becomes reality and it means making DreamyGirls  brand.

Retro Aliens

4877 4877 randomly generated nft’s nft’s on the cardano  blockchain with a vision  of  changing the world around us in  a better place.

Zento Elfs

In the earliest of times, when humans are nonexistent, the elf race subjugates the ways of living.Zento, a young hunter elf, while wandering in the deep forest.

🇯🇵3D Monkey NFT🔥🔥

Inspired by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape, Chibi Apes, Apes 3D, Baby Apes, Ape Kids, sandbox, blocks, miniature toys, action figures and many more.

Chibi Lan 💕

Chibi Lan is the first project which empowers women AND is anime related. Our community members will be able to take on important decisions for our project.

The Doge Pound

The Doge Pound NFT, also called « OG Doge » within the community, is the first NFT collection of The Doge Pound brand. 


Yogies – Genesis is a collection of 10 NFTs with exclusive rewards. Community-driven FREE Collection ! P2E GAME COMING SOON!


Chonkz is a collection of 5555 fully CCO’d characters roaming the metaverse. Our Chonkz are broken up into differing Genotypes with Genotype specific traits

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