NFT Cross-Posting Between Facebook And Instagram

Meta continues to incrementally roll out NFT features for its properties, adding the ability to cross-post NFTs across Facebook and Instagram for select U.S. users Monday.

The billion-dollar tech company wants to make it easier for users to share their NFTs—which they refer to as digital collectibles—by only requiring a one-time wallet connection on either Facebook or Instagram.

After that, the user’s wallet can be automatically recognized if cross-posting is enabled under account settings on either application.

NFTs—unique blockchain tokens that signify ownership—have gained traction on Twitter as a social media feature, with users purchasing Twitter Blue to “verify” their NFT ownership and turn their profile pictures into hexagon-shaped badges.

Now, Instagram and Meta’s push into NFTs—which CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed back in March—is another step Web2 companies are taking to move toward Web3. Meta currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow NFTs on Facebook and Instagram. And when it comes to crypto wallets, MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and Dapper can be connected to verify and share NFTs.

When NFTs are shared on Instagram or Facebook, the artist and owner will be automatically tagged, and there are no fees for sharing, says Meta.

Why does NFT cross-posting matter? Well for one, it’s a big plus for user experience. A one-time wallet connection is much less of a burden for users who may be new to managing cryptocurrency wallets.

“Interoperability in the metaverse” is a primary motivator for the cross-posting feature, according to a statement from Meta.

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