IOG And NMKR Partner To Spread Adoption Of NFTs

Input Output Global (“IOG), IOG, the company responsible for Cardano’s research and development, and pioneering Web3 infrastructure startup NMKR ($NMKR) announced a new collaboration to “drive awareness and adoption of NFTs.”

Let’s start with a brief history of NMKR.

It all started in April 2021 when Patrick Tobler (Padierfind on Twitter), a computer science student from Stuttgart, Germany, launched a super easy tool for creating your own non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Cardano.

Last month, during an interview with the Cryptonomist, Tobler, explained why his NFT-focused startup had decided to rebrand from “NFT-MAKER” to NMKR:

“NMKR (pronounced as N Maker) is a strategic rebrand of NFT-MAKER to reach new audiences with NMKR products and bring improved experiences for users in the decentralized economy.

“The transition to Web3 will require us not only to specialize in NFTs but also to provide a variety of other utility cases on blockchains for our customers. Our customers have been asking for more than just crypto-collectibles – they want real-world utility cases. The Web3 world is coming, and we’re ready to support our customers in realizing their projects.

“We will continue to mint NFTs the same way we did. However, with recent technical capability advancements, we want to do more and help others realize their dreams of building blockchain products or services or integrating blockchain into their existing ones. We are on a mission to make decentralization even more usable. In the near future, we will tackle real-world problems with blockchain technology. We see the gaming space and beyond as an incredible opportunity for making a true contribution.“

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