HitPiece, the Infamous Music NFTs Startup, Relaunches

Earlier this year, HitPiece, an NFT marketplace that specializes in selling albums and music artwork, launched. Very soon after this launch, the platform was embroiled in scandal as several artists demanded that their artwork be taken down as they had not given their permission for them to be minted as NFTs.

The scandal was so bad that the marketplace shuttered entirely for a few months. Now, HitPiece has returned, relaunching with the involvement of several artists, making sure there is no repeat of the last incident.
With its relaunch, HitPiece has secured authorized NFT pieces from artists like Lil Gotit, Matt Ox, and ATL Jacob. According to its founder and CEO Rory Felton, the HitPiece is in talks with various record labels to get rights to even more original works.

More than just this, the company is trying to move away from the past scandal, wherein it was called a scam operation.

“We need to be buttoned up whenever we allow any portion of our service to be publicly available. By buttoned up, I mean having secured the necessary rights to any content that is made available through our platform,” Felton says.

If the company is truly able to onboard even more artists, it could very well succeed at this.

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