Elon Musk’s Digs At Twitter, Web3 and NFTs, On Twitter; Before Stake Disclosure

Elon Musk's Digs At Twitter

April 5 (Reuters) – In the run-up to Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Elon Musk’s public disclosure of a $3 billion stake in Twitter (TWTR.N), the billionaire had criticized the microblogging site for failing to adhere to free speech principles and said he was contemplating building a new social media platform.

The world’s richest person in the past months has said he is a free speech absolutist, while being vocal against Web3, a term for a utopian version of the internet that is decentralized and whose commercial backbone is the non-fungible tokens (NFT).
Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Musk, though active proponents of cryptocurrencies, share skepticism around the metaverse, NFTs and Web3, what some deem to be the evolution of the internet.
From ridiculing Twitter’s new CEO to calling NFT profile pictures « annoying », here’s a list of Musk’s tweets and comments on Twitter, Web3, NFTs and free speech.

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