bitsCrunch and Mastercard unite for Web3 NFT platform

NFT verification facilitating platform bitsCrunch has partnered with MasterCard for a new Web3 project. bitsCrunch will be incubated through their Master Start Path.

The expertise from MasterCard will help ingenious later-stage startups grow and reach a global customer base. bitsCrunch and MasterCard Start Path will provide customers with cutting-edge collaboration solutions through this partnership.
The world-leading card system Mastercard is now having a partnership with giant firm analytics in blockchain ecosystem bitsCrunch to build a new Web3 project that helps customers experience the best-in-class solutions.
In a threaded tweet that is released by bitsCrunch, they confirmed the partnership that will happen, and they label it as an “official announcement.”

With the official partnership with Mastercard, bitsCrunch can assist crypto and non-crypto users that might purchase digital assets through credit or debit cards. This also makes banks cost-effective and abling users of the platform to easily manage their payments, investments, and savings securely.
The co-founder of Belo on making crypto simple and easy, Manuel Beaudroit, said that it is a digital wallet with an added feature which prepaid Mastercard ables everyone to pay and save in crypto.

Beaudroit also added that “I was very excited how this piece of novel tech can bring a change to some of the systemic problems we have in the world, and more specifically Latin America.”

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